The Compliment Project

The Compliment Project

I was just reading about this and wondered what others thought. I think it’s a nice idea, certainly, but I’m wondering about the actual impact. I think seeing one of these would make me smile, and that’s probably enough. But I’m not sure a compliment from an unseen stranger could have a deeper impact beyond an “oh, that’s sweet.” I don’t see it improving my self-esteem or lifting depression. Perhaps the knowledge that there are people out there making selfless gestures to cheer up strangers would be a mood lifter. But I’m inclined to think that a meaningful, personal kindness would be a better use of time and energy as far as actually making a difference. 

What do you think? Empty gesture? Meaningful connection? Somewhere in between? How would encountering this change your day/mood/outlook?


5 thoughts on “The Compliment Project”

  1. I am known to make and receive many compliments in my life. When I receive a compliment I use it to remind myself of the good people in life. When I give a compliment, I see a sparkle in the eye of the recipient. If they feel the way I feel, then it is a worthy act and one we should be more aware of giving and receiving.

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    1. When I was a teenager I had to learn both how to take a compliment and give a compliment. This was something that a group that I belonged to practised on a weekly basis. I think that means that it’s a skill. I’m now actually good at giving compliments, and I’m proud of that ability. I am comfortable taking them, but it took years of work to get there! šŸ™‚


  2. Who knows what effect a random seemingly unimportant act may have? A note on a poll. A sticker on a car. A postcard in a book. What is a substantive act?


    1. A postcard in a book? What random things indeed!
      I am, in many ways powerless over how others take a compliment and so forth. I can’t make a postcard that I accidentally stuck in a book in France get mailed. šŸ™‚ I can do my best to try to be nice. (And I’ve stopped sticking postcards in books in book stores, I swear!)


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