A Dozen Muffins

My good friend Sandy, who just turned 85, lives in a seniors apartment. This complex used to have a board who would organize social events, dinners and birthdays, but there are no longer any residents who are up for the challenge. Sandy used to work the kitchen, but age and health forced her to give this up.

Since the board has disbanded, Sandy felt compelled to do at least something to get the seniors out of their apartments once a day so she took it upon herself to host a coffee and cookie five days a week. She sets it all up herself and bought the supplies out of her own money.

I was running an errand near her place a couple of days ago and I decided to pick up a dozens muffins from Tim Horton’s for her to share with her “clients”. Sandy was so surprised and thrilled to add this treat to her coffee offering.

She called me after the days service was over to tell me  just how pleased the residents were to enjoy the muffins. Sandy also told me that, originally, she intended to charge 25 cents per cup but to her joy, a number of other residents donated coffee, sugar and whitener. Enough to last her through to next March.

Sandy told me that so many of the residents rarely leave their apartments and so many only have one meal a day delivered by Meals on Wheels, so this simple kindness that she has been able to provide has made such a difference.


One thought on “A Dozen Muffins”

  1. Awesome! I do sometimes worry about how we treat the elderly in our society. I think I stop looking at it because I don’t know what to do about it. I like this as a way to move kindness forward.


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