Act of Kindness #1!

So, I bought myself a graduation gift; these really cool gold-plated rings (3 of them) and while I was washing my hands to pray afternoon prayer at the downtown center, I left my rings on the bathroom counter -.- (dummy)… when I got back to work I realized that I forgot them in the bathroom, so on my way home to the C-train, I dropped by the prayer center again and they were gone…. I was confused and angry since the prayer center is where I least expected someone to steal.. but I went on with my life, AND THEN today at Friday Prayer, a woman tapped me on the shoulder and said “you left something in the bathroom the last time you came to pray”, she showed me that she kept the rings for me until she saw me again PHEWF! I gave her a BIG hug and a kiss on the cheek.

And as I went back to work with my rings in hand, I gave the second-half of my turkey sandwich to two men sitting under the bridge.

Morale of the story: Being kind shouldn’t actually depend on experiencing kindness in your own life but I do really believe that one act of kindness slightly nudges another

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Act of Kindness #1!”

  1. Hala,

    Glad you got your rings back! It’s inspiring to hear that you really do have a faith community with wonderful people! It’s easier for me to be kind when another person’s actions nudge me towards it.
    PS congratulations on graduating!

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