Unlikely places to find kindness

I was in an absolutely terrible mood because I needed to get a recalled air bag in my car fixed, along with a regular oil change, and the customer service rep thought it would be over three hours. And I was trapped at the car dealership with a baby. The rep got me out in less than an hour and a half, saying that she’s a mom too and did what she could to make it fast. I’m not sure how much effort pushing my repair through cost her, but she had no real incentive beyond improving my day (although of course I’ve contacted her manager to praise her kindness). I’m hoping to find a way to pay that kindness forward today.

I did not expect to find kindness at the car dealership; I suppose it’s possible wherever kind people are.
– Allison


3 thoughts on “Unlikely places to find kindness”

  1. Spider Robinson did a great short story on this, oddly. He talked about the single best thing to do for the world would be to create a system where people actually get reliable transportation that they need. It’s a bit of a trippy story.


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